Video game


Softwares : Unreal, Audacity

Team size : 3

Duration : 48h (+ 48h of rework outside the jam)

Role : Game et Level Designer

Made during the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018 whose theme was "A genre without a mechanic", Blink is a platform game where vision is rationed out. We play as a young lady trying to escape a fire burning her village.

Her eyelids are closed by default and opening them progressively make your eyesight blurry and luminous.

While my two friends developed the game, I was in charge of crafting the overall experience, and to build the entire level.

What I wanted to create was a sense of claustrophobia in a wide open space during day light, reversing horror games' conventions.

This game has been selected to represent Epitech at the Paris Games Week 2018.

Gameplay footage

(the red pointer isn't in the released version)