CIV Simulator

Agent Based Model

Softwares : Unity

Team size : 2

Position : System designer, Programmer

This project is based on one of Jesse Schell's advice in the Art of Game Design, about creating a toy, a "medium", and only after, designing a game based on the obtained complex system, in order to escape reusing popular mechanics.

With a researcher friend, we took months to elaborate a theoretical model simulating the evolution of pre-industrial societies based only on scientific data. I use it as a field of exploration for my future games. I then designed a simplified version of this ABM, the Khâldun Model, that I scripted from scratch in Unity.

This project is a nerd's dream. Some kid wanted to fly to the moon, I wanted to create my unique sim in the vein of Will Wright's first games, and working on it was a thrilling experience.

Empire 0.jpg

First Theoretical Model

The "Khaldûn Model"

A top view of a simulation

Empire 1.jpg