Jeu vidéo (Unity)


Softwares : Unity, Photoshop

Team size : 9 (including beginners)

Duration : 72h

Role : Game & Level designer

Made during the Godfather Jam whose theme was "Our ramparts are impassable".


The idea was to create a puzzle game in which the player has to redirect watercourses threatening to destroy a sandcastle.

The interactive fluid mechanics took too much time to be functional, and the first working prototype on which we could implement our levels arrived only a few hour before the end of the jam.

Bugs were legion, and we were forced not only to remove 6 of the 8 playable objects, but every level except the tutorial. 

Why did we fail so hardly, would you ask ? Well, being too confident about having a working professional in our team, we didn't pick a Project Manager. I'll never allow that mistake again.

A few levels I made :

LevelDesign Pascal_edited.jpg