Mobile Game Concept


Concept made after an internal call for project at Quantic Dream while I was working on Detroit Become Human. I worked on it intensively on my spare time during a few months.

The concept being by nature linked to my confidentiality agreement, I cannot share every doc I made. Broadly speaking, it was a mix between Paper Please, Her Story and Lifeline.

I wanted to dive deeper into the realities that can be denounced using the android analogy, for example sex slavery, where I read dozens of testimonies to make my character as realistic as possible.

The most interesting here isn't actually the concept itself, but rather what I learned while Simon Wasselin, Quantic's Lead Game Designer, commented my progress, asking me to rework some ideas, to ask myself specific questions... 

Eventually, I had the opportunity to get a final one hour interview with David Cage himself. He didn't take my project, but took the time to explain to me the pros and cons of my work.

Above are two character to interview (in french)