Video game

West of Time

Softwares : Unity, Photoshop

Team size : 10

Duration : 4 weeks

Role : Lead Game Designer & Level Designer


During my Video Game studies at the IIM, I've been part of many student projects, and I had the chance to be Lead Game Designer on the two biggest ones. West of Time is one of them.

It is a tarantinesque point and click game in which you must get everyone to kill each other in a saloon using time control. How you manage to complete the objective is up to you, as the level consist of a complex system where every objects and character can interact with each others.


The core mechanics are stopping time and rewinding it.

I'm really proud of what we achieved with this project. Leading a team of four game designers to create a functional system is quite challenging, but with the help of our teachers and mentors from Ubisoft, it turned out to be a successful experiment.

Five minutes Walkthrough

Game Overview