Mobile and Web Escape Game

Softwares : Unity, Photoshop, Adobe XD

Team size : 10

Duration : 4 days

Position : Project Manager, Game Designer, Developer, Composer

Whistleblower is a student project made in partnership with Adobe. 

We had to make a 5 minutes prototype, but also to create websites and elaborate a digital marketing campaign.

The game needs two player, one using a mobile app and the other simply browsing the internet :

 - The player on the mobile app explores a CEO office

 - The one on the web uses an online hacking terminal, mail address and corporate websites to get some information.

Together, they'll try to access confidential files stocked on a private server.

I love asymmetrical coop games, and this was an opportunity to work on that concept in an original way, using the internet as a playground..

How the hacking terminal and the mobile part interact together 

Screenshot of the mobile app